What You Need To Know About Geo Fencing In Spy Apps

Many parents are using monitoring apps to keep their children safe when they are away at work. Because children are curious and exploring the world in search for identity, they an easy target for cyber criminals. The threats are everywhere including down at home. If the kid gets addicted to gaming or social media, there is a risk of not getting involved with other important things including sports and sleep.

It is because of these dangers that every parent should look for the best app to monitor children’s call logs, SMS, online activities, photos, videos, and social media communications. In addition to these, the apps are also used for geo fencing children to keep them safe. In this port, we explore geo fencing in details so that you can apply it appropriately.

What is Geo fencing?

Geo fencing is setting a perimeter around a specific facility such as school, home, or church using GPS and designating them as safe. The sections outside the designated areas are mapped as unsafe or forbidden. In spy apps, the location-based technology is used to contain a kid within specific boundaries to keep them safe. For example, on a weekday when the child is in school, the entire institution compound is safe for the kid.

Why Geo fencing is so important?

When the parent is not together with the children, they can easily fall into the hands of the prey. Stories of abducted children are too uncommon in the press from time to time. Besides, the kid can get into bad company and leave the area you have designated as safe. Your mobile app will send a notification immediately the kid leaves the safe zone to take immediate action.

The main features of Geo fencing in a mobile spy app

Geo fencing has three main features that easily overlap with others to deliver a comprehensive profile of the child’s location.


This feature focuses on the historical aspect of the location of the phone being monitored. Using this feature, it is easy to map the movement of the child from the time of app installation. You can also filter the info pull out movement maps for specific dates.


This feature only pinpoints the current location of the phone. Though it also contains the historical component like Geotracking, it does not provide routes. Geo-Location in most apps gets updates every 10-15 minutes to pinpoint the location of the phone. 


Geo Fencing is the latest feature in tracking technology that allows you to separate the areas you consider safe for the child. By setting the boundaries, you can rest assured that the child will remain safe. It is important to talk with the child and insist that he/she must remain within the boundaries and only leave with permission.

The Geo-fenced sections appear circled in mobile spy apps, and you can alter them anytime. If the child leaves the safe zone, your top spy app will send you an instant notification. If the kid is using spy camera iPhone and you sense there could be trouble, it is possible to take photos and even videos remotely.


Geo-fencing technologies allow parents to contain kids in safe zones and track them when they wander into unsafe areas. If your child gets into bad company and tries to hide or gets abducted, it will be easy to pinpoint the location easily. Whether you are looking for free spy apps for iPhone or prefer other commercial monitoring apps, this is one crucial feature that you should never leave out.

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